Where to edit name and content of Custom field

Where do I change the name and content??
I cant find it @ sSettings>Custom fields?

the image is only an example. you should create necessary custom fields for the forms you need.
please read the guide https://www.manager.io/guides/8941

Also note that custom fields are created separately for each transaction type.

Some how I can not get this to work like I want.
I want a simple text to be shown in the default Theme at the bottom of ALL Invoices and on ALL PDF or printed documents. Always the same text. Maybe Custom forms don’t work this way??
I have read through the guides… Sorry I would like a explanation on this if some one has time please

This is all explained in the Guide @sharpdrivetek linked:

  • Create the same custom field for all transaction types where you want this content to appear.
  • Check the box for the custom fields to show on printed documents.
  • Enter the fixed content for each custom field under Form Defaults for every transaction type.

Okey what would be the name of the field shown in the Image above? Is that the Invoice or…

As @sharpdrivetek already told you, that is only an example to demonstrate the general appearance of a theme. Nothing in that example is real. You must create your own custom fields and give them whatever name you want. Did you read the Guide @sharpdrivetek linked?

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Yes I did read but My thick head is not getting it. It looks as If example 6 is what I am after in the guide. The Guide does not explain how to get there… I can make a custom field but they never show at the bottom of a invoice and I have no idea of how to move custom filed’s around

Thank you for your help

what is your progress?

did you create a custom field?
did you create the custom field for Sales Invoices?
post a screenshot showing edit screen of your created custom field.

in the invoice did you enter anything in the custom field? post a screenshot showing edit screen of your invoice.

post a screenshot showing what is appearing when you click View on the sales invoice. try to illustrate what you are trying to achieve.

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  1. Is the box checked to show the custom field on printed documents?
  2. Is there any content in the custom field? The custom field and its cable will not display unless there is content.
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Here I have created the Custom Field with the content I want in there…
I don’t want to input the content every time I create a Sales Invoice I want it to be static. So I might be miss understanding the custom field?

To make the content appear on every transaction of this type, use Form Defaults. See https://www.manager.io/guides/14059.

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Thank you, That solved it