When cloning billable time, always set to uninvoiced

I often create this month’s billable time entries by cloning last month’s entries which have already been invoiced. It is unintuitive to me that cloning an invoiced entry (let’s say it is invoiced on Invoice #1101) would create a new entry also marked as invoiced on 1101. That seems like a violation of financial controls to me.

In Manager, a clone is a clone. The only content that does not transfer exactly is the reference number, if you have set automatic sequencing under Form Defaults. That exception is to satisfy legal requirements in various jurisdictions.

If you are using the clone function to generate new transactions, and not just to create additional images of the View screen, you are going to need to edit the form anyway.

There is an extensive ongoing discussion in another forum topic right now that covers much of this same issue.

My view is that cloning will literally clone the transaction as it is. And Copy to will copy everything except for dates and status (status is date-related).

So the correct feature request is to implement Copy to on billable time


thanks my issue has been fixed.

Added to the latest version (22.1.10)