Ability to clone billable time

It would be really useful if the clone feature could be added to billable time. I’ve seen that this issue was raised a couple of years ago, but I don’t think it ever got added. I’ve just seen that the ability to clone has recently been added to inter account transfers, which is also really helpful. Thanks

Cloning works only when in View mode, so the ability to view billable time entries would have to be added also. I’ve put this into the Ideas category.

Great, thanks.

Another great feature would be the ability to mark billable time as ‘invoiced’ without having to go in and edit each entry. Don’t know if this would be something that is possible with Manager.

We are currently using billable time instead of excel timesheets, but we only invoice customers once they have paid a sales order or as we have called them ‘notifications for payment’. This means that it might be sometime before those billable time entries actually get invoiced, so they really pile up. If there was a quick way of marking them as invoiced it would make things much much quicker.


That capability already exists and has for a long time. Go to the Billable Time tab:


I am not sure I understand your description of your workflow. You refer to a customer paying a sales order. But sales orders are internal documents recording a purchase order from a customer. They are definitely not what you should be sending to the customer to request payment. That is what a sales invoice is for.

What I meant was the capability to have a tick box by each billable time entry, so you could tick all the ones you wanted tagged as invoiced. A bit like the way you tag what billable time entries you want to include in the creation of a new sales invoice. However, now I understand from our other discussion why this is not possible.

Thanks anyway.

Added to the latest version (18.5.99)