Is there a php script working?

The program is very nice and I use it with love.
It would be nice if you could develop a php version of the program.
Even with the same restrictions as desktop mode, it is sufficient.

I actually want to install it on my own server and manage it at home.
Thank you very much for your interest and development.

I would think that you could install the desktop version - what OS does your server have?

You could purchase the server version as an alternative

See Server Edition | Manager
For pricing Pricing | Manager

I can’t install macbook pro either.
I tried a lot, but I could not reach the result.

server version.

Use the cloud version if you do not have the technical expertise to install, manager and administer the server version or hire someone who does

If you are the only user then use desktop version with the data location on a cloud data server such as Icloud. For example you would have a macbook pro, just install the OSX desktop version on it and somehwere else a Windows, Linux or Mac system, also install on those their desktop version. Make sure that the Manager version number of each is the same such as Manager v21.10.36. Set for each of these installations (bottom left homescreen manager) the data location to your cloud data server (such as Icloud). You can then work with the same data from different computers in different locations.

I’m already using this way now. but i have an android tablet, i can’t manage from there. it would be very nice if it was that way, but whatever.
Thank you everyone for your interest and answers.

For Android you need either the Manager Cloud or Server versions, both are paid options.

use any remote desktop software.