What is the latest on getting an rpm package?

What is the latest on getting an rpm package?

I’ve seen Running Manager on Fedora Linux (20/Heisenberg) - #4 by lubos and tried obr’s suggestions but Mageia has different package names.

Thinking of installing Mandriva again and trying with this. Don’t like Ubuntu so don’t suggest this :wink:

So far, Manager is not officially supported on platforms other than Ubuntu. Here is the link to source DEB package which contains list of all dependencies and binaries:


If anyone is able to get this running on RPM-based Linux distribution (apparently some folks have been able to do it), explain how and I will add RPM support to build script so proper RPM package can be automatically generated.

Not a wizard at compiling. Will try the alien method in the next few days.

Bah OpenMandriva needs work. Back to Mageia 5.