Installation on Archlinux

I wish to install Manager in Archlinux. There is an old version in Archlinux User Repository (AUR), but I wish to install the current version. Do you suggest that I download the source tarball and use the configure-make-make-install process, or do you suggest that I tweak the PKGBUILS file of the AUR version and make changes therein to point to the latest version.

Try to tweak the PKGBUILD file first. By the way, how does Pacman work? If we would generate PKGBUILD file for Archlinux for each new version, would you be able just download the package from our website and install/upgrade on Archlinux?

I’m just asking, I’ve never used Archlinux but it seems easy to support.

What I used to do is tweak the PKGBUILD file when installing from the AUR. I tried to ask the owner of the package to release it so someone who could update it can take over but no response.

When updating the PKGUILD keep in mind that:

  • The md5 needs to be updated manually.
  • The versions need to be updated in two places
  • The executable needs to change to use mono instead of cli

This also emphasizes the problem of having versions released so often. It requires a lot of manual work to create a package in the AUR. @lubos maybe you can automate creating a PKGBUILD on every release. This goes back to a post I made asking for an md5.

It would make a huge difference for us Arch users!

What’s the standard way of installing and upgrading programs on Archlinux? Is downloading a tarball from 3rd party website which contains PKGBUILD file enough?

Generally an Arch user wouldn’t install anything outside the AUR unless they compiled it themselves.

I personally would love if you had a way to update the AUR on every release, at least the major releases, but a simple package that we can download from the website could work just as well.

Creating packages - ArchWiki might be of help

Why do you say users wouldn’t usually install anything outside the AUR? Is it that difficult? Ubuntu has software center but downloading .DEB package from the Internet is just as easy.

I could get it as far as producing tarball for Archlinux on every build. Perhaps not ideal since someone would have to still manually submit to AUR but it should be the step in right direction.

No it isn’t so much about difficulty as it is about security. But a tarball would be more than great for now!

Lubos, a PKGBUILD would be great. If you were the maintainer of the Manager AUR package description, that would be even better. It looks like the current AUR package description for Manager is out of date, and not being maintained. A binary package is also a possibility, but most, if not all Arch Linux users would be happy with an up to date AUR package description (PKGBUILD).

Please see this wiki link for more info on what AUR is: