What is show credit only in Aging Report

What is show credit only in Aging Report

What are you referring to? Aged Receivables report? Aged Payables report? And what do you mean by “show credit only?”

Hello …
in Aging Report we are showing 0-30 – >150 we show amount owes for service
in same we have show credit only, i dont have any idea about why credit in coming in the Aging Report

Could please help on this :slight_smile:

I still am not sure what you are referring to. There is no report called “Aging Report.” Please answer my earlier questions.

If you are referring to the “Less: Credit” column on the Aged Receivables report, that is so the “Total” column will match the customer’s balance in Accounts receivable. Previously, this report only showed unpaid invoices and some users were confused.

its basically Aged Payables reports …

The situation is basically the same. The “Less: Credit” column will show when you have a supplier credit with a particular supplier. Amounts in this column are not related to specific purchase invoices. For example, it you accidentally paid twice for a purchase invoice, but did not post the second payment to the specific invoice, the amount you overpaid would appear in the “Less: Credit” column.

Gotcah… thanks alot for

This would be same in Health care management also.