What is manager?

Hi guys. I’ve had a damaged laptop given to me to restorte data from and the user has an application simply called manager on it. Under appdata\roaming\manager there is a managerserver.exe which is how I found this forum. He has no idea what the app is but says it’s really important as he manages some business using it. Is managerserver.exe specific to this applation called manager and based on what he’s saying I’m imagining there is a data set somewhere but I’ve no idea where. Any guidance much appreciated!

Data would be in AppData\Local\Manager folder.

This will contain *.manager files where each file represents a business.

So you don’t need to recover ManagerServer.exe or ManagerDesktop.exe as these can be re-installed.

Only *.manager files are important. Hopefully this also serves your client lesson to back up their data next time.

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Brilliant thansk for that. I have found the .manager files. Where do I go to re-download and install the software as I’ve no idea what it’s actually called or who makes it. With such a generic name google searches provide anything to do with manager so is no help. Thanks.

See Download | Manager
For installation information see the guides Guides | Manager
Searching the forum is an alternative Search results for 'Install' - Manager Forum

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Great, thanks guys.

Ok I’ve installed manager then tried to import a business from a file but I get this message:

This business database is not valid

Manager data is stored in SQLite database. However it appears the file you are attempting to open is not a SQLite database.

Anyway I can import this business type?

Have a look here: