I am backing up Manager Server data to Dropbox using Yadis! Backup.

I just noticed,

In source folder (Manager)------------------ 46 files
In target folder (Dropbox)… 51 files

These extra 5 files has same name as 5 original files. For example-

File_name.manager (this file exists in both Manager & Dropbox)
File_name.manager-journal (this file exists only in Dropbox)

Should I delete these 5 extra files?

I assume the *.manger-journal files were created by Dropbox for its purposes. You should check Dropbox documentation or support to see if they are necessary, will be regenerated, etc.

As for Manager, I assume you are not referring to the application itself. There is no reason to back that up, as you can always download a new copy. And the application contains no accounting data or preferences.

Further, most of your 46 files (assuming these are in your application data folder) are probably obsolete. If you have one business, only 4 files are still used. Additional businesses add one file per business. See the Guide: https://www.manager.io/guides/best-practices/application-data.

Never ever delete .manager-journal files. These are SQLite rollback journals which help database from becoming corrupted.

The system will automatically delete them when they are not needed. Journal files are created upon every database modification. Normally you shouldn’t see these files for longer than a fraction of second. If they made it into your backup, I’d say your backup system (Yadis! Backup) is doing something too aggressive by backing up files in the middle of being modified. Try different backup tool or just move your .manager files directly into Dropbox.