What about my balances

Dear Admin,
My all balances have been changed of cash accounts and bank accounts. What is this? before 2 to 3 hours every thing was okay but now all my cash and bank balances have been changed. I am using online version of manager. Please help me out

please read this

I am not asking you why you have separated these two in two tabs. Although, I am happy to see this change but the issue is my balances have been changed automatically. For example i had petty cash with me 2000 now it is -300,000. all my cash accounts and bank accounts balances have been changed

i was pointing you to the topic where any problems regarding this is already being discussed.

Brother my issue is not mentioned i have read all conversations

this maybe a common mistake, but can you remember if you had selected the “this account is maintained by a bank” while making the bank account in previous version?

As you can see in the screen shot. Balance of 45,470 it was some thing else not just this one. All was something else and now these figures are not the one that were before. Until afternoon all balances were actual but now every balance has been changed. I did not do anything neither any other person

ok so you are in cloud version, and i think there are some issues with it which is being worked upon currently.

Yes i am in cloud version. Until few hours before everything was working perfectly fine. I did not have any problem. My all balances were exactly the same i wanted but i don’t know what happened. Every account of cash and bank balance have automatically changed and now i am too much worrying about it. What would i do now.

if you are the admin of your business, and if you had made a backup, download the latest desktop version, add that business and check if everything is okay. dont edit anything in the cloud version right now, until confirmation from @lubos comes, as that can mess things up.
again, i am not the spokesperson for Manager, just a basic user, and this is my advice.

Yes i tried the desktop version. In that version everything is fine

so i guess cloud users will have to wait for a bit until the recent fixes are implemented.

@Azeem_Afzal I’m pretty sure this bug has been fixed. Cloud edition upgrades are automatic but they are only triggered once you don’t use cloud edition for 20 minutes. I will need to add some button to force upgrade without waiting. Since it has been 9 hours, I’m pretty sure your cloud site is on the latest version by now.

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Yes my problem has been resolved.