Web Store feature


I would just like to know if this app can handle a webstore.


It can do accounting for web-based online shop but it cannot work as an online shop. If you need integration with some online shop solution such as Spotify or BigCommerce, you might need to wait for this a few months. There will be API which will make it possible in future.

API access to Manager server

How does it do accounting for the shop? Thanks!

I’m a newbie but I spent some time on the forum just to get accustom to your software. I’m really impressed by how fast you update Manager and how responsive you are to your users.


In principle, accounting for the shop is no different from accounting for any business really. All businesses (hopefully) receive money from customers and pay money to suppliers.

I guess, if you have a shop, it implies you have an inventory and inventory module is not available yet so Manager can’t tell you how many items you have left in stock etc. However inventory module will be released soon (hopefully by end of next month)


Oh okay, yeah I’m cool over here with that one :slight_smile: but it will be interesting seeing what comes out next!