Way to enable HTML messages instead of the plain text when emailing invoices?

I would like to have a more professional looking email message when I email an invoice or quote. Is there a way to enable the ability to send html messages instead of the current plain text? Most business have a certain signature format and it would be nice to have everything consistent.

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Right now, only plain text emails are supported. HTML support will be added before the end of upcoming month.

Hi @lubos,

Just checking to see if/when this will be enabled? When I send email invoices to some of my clients, my signature formatting is lost. (Basically it’s being received all-in-one-paragraph for [at]aol[dot]com recipients.) I’m thinking HTML email messages would fix this issue.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

In the latest version (16.4.72), you can go to Email Settings under Settings tab and set Email sending format to HTML.

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