E-mail the invoice as embedded html

Is there a way to send the invoice as part of the e-mail message? Currently the invoice can be sent attached as a PDF document, what I would like is for the e-mail body to also include the invoice HTML code, because my invoice template includes links where a customer can click to pay online. Also is easier for lazy customers just reading the e-mail message to read the invoice without having to download the PDF attachment.

Maybe the E-mail as PDF window can include a checkmark to also send the invoice HTML as part of the e-mail message body.

This will be actually possible when invoice variables are supported on email templates. Right now that is not the case.

Then you can code email template in HTML and inject those variables in there essentially creating embedded invoice within email message itself.

Sounds like a good solution, I was also thinking on the easier side of implementation of appending the generated html of the invoice to the e-mail message. Is there a way to fund this functionality? And thanks for such great software!

Not sure about that. HTML markup within email message would have to be slightly different from what is used for printing (or attachments).

Anyway, variables on email templates need to be supported first. Then discussion can move further.

Hi Lubos,

I realise this post is more than 4 years ago, but this will be a nice feature.

Do you have variables on email templates on your roadmap for development?

Your question shows the danger of picking up forum topics that are years out of date. You can already include Liquid variables that appear in a transaction form in the email template for sending that form. See Use email templates | Manager.

Hi Tut,

Apologies for the assumption, thank you for the response.
Any idea what the variable would be if I want to add the document total in the e-mail, {{total}} does not work?

This thread (including other posts not shown) may help


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Thank you so much Patch.

The total amount of an invoice is part of an array variable that includes everything that appears below the main table of the invoice, such as the tax amount, reductions for partial receipts, late payment fees, etc. The variable you are looking for would be {{total.text}}. However, you would need to add a bunch of conditional logic to sort out the single number you want as you run through a loop. Your question indicates a relatively low level of familiarity with Liquid programming, so the task may be beyond your skill level. You might need to hire a local programmer to develop the template for you. Or (my recommendation) accept that attaching the transaction form is sufficient, with no need to mention amounts from it in the email.

You could also generate PDFs of transactions and attach them to emails created in your regular email client.