Visiting accountant

Hi. I currently have the Desktop edition. I have two years of accounts entered and I need to take them to my accountant. What should I do to give him what he needs and keep my costs down or should I upgrade to the Cloud edition. I was hoping to avoid this until my accountant gives me the green light. I enjoy using the program. Thanks.

  1. Make sure you have the latest version of Manager installed.
  2. Do a backup, send it to your accountant.
  3. Get your accountant to install the same version of manager.
  4. Import your business into his Manager.

Thanks Zark. I felt that was the case and just wanted to confirm. I am all up to date. Thanks for the quick help.

The following checklist may help you to check the accuracy of your accounting transactions for the modules applicable to you:


  • Check that cleared cash account balances match your bank statements.


  • Review all accounts receivable balances.
  • Review negative balances/customer credits.


  • Review all accounts payable balances.
  • Review negative balances/supplier credits.


  • Review the quantity and value of all inventory items.


  • Review the amounts payable for all employees.


  • Review all balances under the Summary.
  • Clear the Suspense Account if the balance is not nil.
  • Check if asset purchases are incorrectly classified as expenses.
  • Check if any personal expenses are incorrectly included as business expenses.
  • Check if loan repayments are correctly allocated to the applicable liability account.
  • If you maintain more than one business and have inter business loans, check if the balances match on both Manager Summaries.
  • Review the Tax Payable balance and ensure it is accurate.


  • Review all income and expense totals and compare them to previous periods.


  • Review the Tax Audit report for any taxes incorrectly allocated to transactions.
  • If taxes have been fully paid as they fall due, compare the tax payable balance from the Balance Sheet to the Tax Summary for the period not yet reported to the revenue authority. If taxes are reported on the cash basis of accounting ensure the Balance Sheet and the Tax Summary are compiled on a cash basis for the comparison.

Very helpful Tony. Many thanks for the advice - much appreciated.