Desktop Version. Send copy to auditor?

I am using, and love, the Desktop version but we need to have an independent examiner check our accounts once a year as we are a charity.
The person doing the checking does not have Manager. He is also not local to me.
How can I supply him with our accounts for the past 12 months?
Can I somehow export it to Excel and send him that?
Can he install Desktop Version and if so can I send him a back-up copy of our accounts?
I am completely lost and would value your advice.


Yes sounds very promising.
Does he just install the Desktop version and then I save a back-up of our accounts and email it to him to open in the newly installed version?
Will this be acceptable as I know Desktop says it is not 'multi-user1
Thanks again


Multi user means 2 or more accessing the same version on the same computer at the same time.
The accountant and you will be on different versions on different computers so not multi-user.

Much appreciated. That is really very helpful.
Thank you

@RayW, see this Guide for for information on how to do what you want:

Thank you very much for that useful link