Viewing list of Sales orders/Invoices or Purchase Orders by Month

I wanted to know if there is an existing possibility of view Sales orders Lists/ Invoice List and/or Purchase orders by Month. At this moment there all in one same list but If I were to want to see just the January ones would that be possible? If not do you think it’s something that can be done in the near future?

Also, in that particular list a row in order to know the status. Example: in the Quote list a row so that I know that that quote is either open or converted to an Order. In the Order list an option so that I know it was invoiced or not. And finally know if the Purchase order was received or open… Something like the options and status under Invoices would be just great!!!

If you enter date in the search bar i.e. /01/15 that will search January. /02/15 for February and so on.

Status on different lists are on the to do list I believe.

Where is the To Do List? and No…you can not enter 1/2015 or 2/2015 Because it will show all the values with those numbers that are not necessarily of the month. I need to see a drop down where I can see the lists by months with their status.

When I enter /02/2015 that works for me and that’s how it has been explained on previous posts.
Status has also been mentioned in previous posts so Manager team is aware but it hasn’t been implemented yet.

If I enter /02/2015 nothing comes up. if I enter 2/2015 it does not show all Feb. orders it also shows Jan. orders with a 2 in it.

I believe the difference in behavior observed by @itmoto and @martagisela can be explained by the date and number format set under Preferences. If you select a format that produced dates such as DD/MM/YYYY, a search on the string “02/2015” or “/02/2015” will return all records from February 2015. But that is only because the string “02/2015” appears in those records. Manager is not searching for records from the month of February. The search is for literal content, not particular values within a range defined for some field.

On the other hand, if your date and number format preference produces dates such as MM/DD/YYYY, a search for the string “02/2015” will produce records from the second day of every month in 2015. Once again, Manager is searching for that literal content. If your date format is YYYY/MM/DD, the same search would return nothing, because 2015 will never be preceded by anything.

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@Tut is correct. There will be more sophisticated search mechanism in future, but for now, it’s only full-text search.

it would be better if we can produce a report of purchases made by month to each supplier.
I just wanna know how much was bought from this supplier for this particular month. As of now the search box will show you all purchases made since beginning. Or maybe I missed a work around for this.

Sorry I think I got it.

Use the Supplier Statement,

Hi, This was Feb’15, has there been any progress on viewing purchase orders per supplier per month?
Would appreciate your response.

I don’t believe anyone ever said such a capability was being worked on. Meanwhile, search on the supplier’s name while in the Purchase Orders tab. Then sort in forward or reverse date order by clicking that column heading. If you want to manipulate things further, export the list, import it to a spreadsheet, and play whatever games you like.

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Thanks…let me rephrase, the “more sophisticated search mechanism”. It would have been nice if the supplier transaction report also showed purchase orders. Guess I will have to “play” a different “game”.

There has been no change to the search function yet.

I assume you are referring to a supplier statement. Regardless, purchase orders are not transactions. They have no impact on the balance sheet or profit and loss statement. The purchasing process produces a transaction only when a purchase invoice is generated.

Thanks, I get that it is not a transaction. My point was just trying to see purchase orders per supplier for a certain period. But I get it, will export and so on.