View Rights of Purchase orders Restricted to User

Dear Development Team,

We have a pool of Major Customers to whom we intend to give restricted access to only “Create and View” Purchase orders from a great number of inventory items we have in our trading business.

I intend to do so by creating customer specific users and giving them the above restricted access.

There are two challenges here:

  1. The entire list of purchase orders should not be visible to all my customers. In other words, the customer user should be able to see only the orders placed by that specific user.

  2. The purchase order should mention the name of the user “by default” for me to identify who has placed the order.

Is there any way to set this up in Manager IO in one company with multiple user setup.

Please assist.

That capability does not exist. I would also recommend extreme caution about giving any outside entity direct access to your accounting system. Companies with customer portals do not generally provide such direct access. They provide access to a separate application that interfaces through appropriate security measures and filters to the accounting system.

Agreed with the caution. Which is why i have created a separate company with the inventory list to provide access to my customers.