Production & Inventory Module for Manufacturing Company

Hello @lubos,
I introduced manager I.O cloud software in my last company, replaced it with their old locally based software and successfully Implemented now they are using it since June-2019. Now I switched my company and joined as Manager Finance & Operations here. We are leading manufacturer company of different Pipes & PET Bottles Manufacturer company, we have number of Projects. I am planning to introduced your Cloud Version software here. Please guide me about your production & inventory module, Since my last company was services company that’s why no idea about your production or inventory module, we have number of process in manufacturing process to produced a product. Is your software is capable for inventory & complete production management, please update.

You need to read the guides applicable to inventory and production

You can setup a test business and let the people currently doing the accounts test out the various features you might need.

Until you do this, it is difficult to be more definite as it will depend on the complexity and volume of entries required. As always, start with clear ideas of what you want to achieve in terms of outputs and reports and work back towards where the information will come from. Then you can identify the transactions you will need to enter and test whether you actually have the data to hand to enter them.

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Still not clear. Our Current ERP Software is unable to deliver in inventory & Production Module. That why i am conscious & plan to replace it from Manager I.O Cloud. I need proper hierarchy wise production and inventory module connected to each other that can fulfill our giant company’s requirement.

you can create a test business in Manager and try it out yourselves to understand everything clearly. other users cannot replicate your business needs.
when you have specific questions after trying, first check the guides, then similar existing topics on the forum and if you still do not find answers, post it on the forum.

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