An Option to Show Tracking Codes on print view

I need a way to show Tracking Codes on print view/theme. We find this very important and helpful for specific intent and purposes. Any help on this?

Once I was told that tracking codes were only for internal use and so they were not passed as variables to the theme. I don’t know if something has changed in the last year.

I find this idea quite useful. I think that this should be a possibility in the settings of the invoice (show tracking codes Y/N).

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I know this is an old topic, but it is the only one that match my requirements

I know tracking codes are for internal use, and I want it to appear in the payment vouchers as they are internal.

My use case is that when our audit team would like to review a payment voucher they would like to make sure that it is posted to the correct tracking code. Now when the receive the printed payment, they have to go to Manager and edit the payment to check the tracking code. So it would be faster if it is already on the printed payment voucher.

Maybe there can be a check box that can be selected when you want to show tracking codes on printed documents.

Add tracking codes to columns on the Profit and Loss Statement. Then drill down on each account and do a Batch PDF, naming the file for the tracking code. Give your auditors the PDF file, or print out all the transactions in it and clip them together with a label.

Thank you for your usual cooperation.

Unfortunately, you suggested method won’t be helpful especially since many payments has more than one line and some lines posted to different tracking codes.

Maybe with a Custom Report?

Its a very lengthy exercise to drill each account; also the purpose of verifying receipt/payment will not suffice. It will assist in verifying details of P&L recorded on particular tracking code, drill to down.

@Drew_Mike Hi, please try this through Custom Report.

I just explore after understanding your requirement and it worked and useful for us, as well!

Give the Auditors access to see your history. In History, they only need to search for the transaction reference number and view it.

See example below

I’m not against your idea though. The feature would help. But it must only be an option.

Thank all for their cooperation.

I think the best option yet, is give the auditor access to History as suggested by @Abeiku.

Unfortunately, I tried giving him access to history without giving him full access and there was no option for that.

So how to give him access history without giving the auditor full access.

You can copy History to the clipboard. You can also use Batch PDF.

Coping History won’t show tracking code. Batch Printing will take longer time from administrator than required as the administrator has select one by one from loads of transactions among many that aren’t required. If Batch print is done with no selection a lot of time will be required from the auditor to find wanted payment and to ensure it is the last modification.

The easiest way is to give the Auditor access to History with no full access, so he can search easily and locate the latest modification.