View Customer 'Transactions'


Another suggestion that I think should be fairly easy to implement, and also make life a lot easier…

I would like (not sure if others would!) to be able to view all ‘Transactions’ with my customers. So basically, I could click on a customer (maybe add ‘View’ next to ‘Edit’) and it would show all Transactions with that client (and also have a total at the bottom).

Do you have a PayPal donate button or anything? Would be willing to donate a little (and I’m sure others would!).


I too am happy to make a donation via PayPal. Now that I can use Manager internally on the LAN I will be importing my data from the cloud to my local network. I am aware however projects like this only work when we give back to the developer/community who make it possible


Added “View” function to “Customers” tab. It’s not perfect but enough to get started with.


Wow your quick (Although I’m not going to complain!).

When you get a chance would be nice if it could have some type of Table at the bottom with:
Balance Due -
Total Amount of Transactions -
Total Received -