"View" Buttons to Cash and Bank Accounts Tab feature request

I was so happy to see the view buttons with bank and cash accounts, but please please please please I want to request that you add the ability to specify the period you want the bank/cash account to display like the picture below to make it very simple to print out period specified bank/cash transactions professionally.

and also show the accounts related to the transactions, even if they are multiple accounts, the accounts can be listed with their transaction amounts showing in a different column and the total shown under the amount column. And also closing balance after every Transaction.

Thank you in advance


I support @Abeiku’s request to be able to specify a date range. Initial implementation seems to display the last 10 transactions and add an “opening balance” if those 10 transactions don’t happen to go back to a zero balance (such as with a credit card account). This can produce lists with very different date ranges. That could certainly complicate the task of searching for an error (such as an entry allocated to the wrong account).

Perhaps the default could be those most recent 10 transactions, just to avoid very long lists, with a button on the results screen saying something like Set Dates.

I was about to make the same request. Needs "Date Search "

I might implement these suggestions. The main reason for adding View button was to make it easier to find Receive Money and Spend Money buttons which users had trouble locating.


Go ahead with that Sir, will be very appreciated

“Print” option would be great as well.

yeah the ability to print it