Video clips for Software Manager

Are you able to set up several video clips about working with software manager? It would be easier to overcome matter. Thank you.

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Hopefully at some point in the near future, this will happen. I fully agree that video tutorials are a really good idea as it does help new users unfamiliar with the program to get to grips with the software. Maybe one day when I have time, I will make some video tutorials myself.

@Dado, have you looked at the Guides? They contain many illustrations. While videos may seem fancy, they have some definite drawbacks in this situation. First, it takes much longer to produce a decent video than it does a written guide. Manager is progressing very rapidly, and the guides are now being updated daily to keep up. Videos would be slower. Second, accounting can be difficult for many to understand. Hearing a quick explanation may not be as effective as having the opportunity read and study instructions while the program is open and you can try an operation.

I have nothing against video, but from an instructional design viewpoint, it is not always as helpful as people expect.

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Yes, you are wasting a lot of time on the member. This with video clips is not the case. When placing video clips are much more you invest your marketing.

It remains you more time to do the project.
In this case, you set the issues you want to comment about the project.
This method of communication with customers is much better for your project planning and preparation.
Do you agree?

I feel a little bad English!
I’m sorry!

Helping people with their questions is not a waste of time. And I make no investment in marketing, because I am a user, not the software developer.

I disagree with you about video being better. Yes, it can sometimes be helpful. But it does not answer specific questions from users, only the things that could be thought up in advance.

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This is what I meant. I think the guides that are currently in place are the best way to show people how to do things, but what I think that Manager should have is a beginners guide to using Manager and that should be in video. Any software that I have ever used that has a decent beginners guide to using our software for their program I have always found it to be much better than writing ten pages of how I program works.

Have a video for a beginners guide to using Manager and have the website tutorials for showing people how to accomplish a specific task. That way you get the best of both worlds.

It’s Better beginning guide to new users. Thanks