Short video introduction course

Do you guys think a short course is needed for Manager?

I am thinking of creating such a short introduction course with videos as this is a great program.

There are some instructional videos on YouTube. They are not officially sanctioned, are probably not up to date at any given point in time, and were not created by the developer. Rely on them at your own risk. The issue of video instruction has actually been considered and rejected for a number of reasons.

One is the rapid pace of development. As an example, just in the past month, one-fourth of the Guides were modified due to program changes. The ratio of production to viewing time for high-quality multi-media instruction is so great, it was determined it would be impossible to keep up.

Another reason is the difficulty of actually illustrating Manager functions and results in video format. Things go by too quickly and cannot be read and studied. Video capture of onscreen functions is actually a remarkably poor method of instruction for computer application use, despite the fact that the results of what you are teaching about appear on-screen. In many cases, for this accounting program, what you see is not what is important, but why you do what you do. So that would have to be covered in video narration, but many users are not native English speakers, so comprehension is a big issue.

Perhaps the major obstacle is the difficulty of producing illustration examples that isolate points of instruction. As a forum moderator, I maintain five completely different test companies just for answering questions. I know other moderators also have test companies. Generating examples for written Guide development is challenging enough, and rarely happens in logical, sequential order. Doing so for video would be even more difficult.

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Okay, thanks for the reply. It make sense. :grinning: