VAT return dates not be automatically filled


Whenever I do a VAT Calculation, it always makes the start date - the date when I started using Manager and the end date, todays date. I nearly paid twice the amount in tax, because I didn’t notice it said April 2015 instead of April 2017.

Is it not possible to tell the program that you pay VAT quarterly/monthly etc and then it sets the date for the last quarter/month or whatever.


In the absence of programmable period dates, leave the dates blank so that the user has to fill.


That is equally doable. Anything would be better than the current status which is actually dangerously easy to pay wrong VAT amount with.


I agree. Blank days if we can’t have defined dates.


Well can we elevate this to an idea or bug?


Yes. For GST
As well


I am wondering if this should be changed from an idea to a bug as this is more a bug than a feature request. The program should not be using the start of Manager use date as the VAT Calculation Start Date.


Fixed in the latest version (18.3.1)


Thank you. I will update immediately.