Reports fix dates

Thanks for the great software once again.

I will like to give an idea that everyone will love on the Report section
it will be good to have fix range of dates to be more efficient.

For Example you want a Profit and loss for last 6 months you have a button Last 6 months
or Last year or YTD or Quarterly reports.

so if you choose last year automatically will provide you from 01/01/2017 to 31/12/2017
and so on


How would it know when your financial year starts?

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That’s a good point…


with the same logic that the software knows when is TODAY. the same logic will use to know when is last year.

if the software know’s today is 15/11/2018 it will know that last year was 2017.


read above

In most of the world, “last year” does not equal “last financial year.”

That was not the point, @Showtime. The point was that different organizations start their financial periods on all sorts of days, not just the beginnings of calendar months or years. Seldom is a sliding period useful. And the meaning of year, quarter, and month can vary. Accounting months are often standard, four-week periods; or they can alternate between four and five weeks. Frequently they are set to end on the same day of the week or date in a month.


the software knows when its your financial year.

quickbooks does that with a lot more features about reporting.


Your Start Date does not have to be the first day of your financial year - you could start recording your transaction in Manager in the middle of a year if you need to.

Also Financial years are not always 365 or 366 days long - some can be as short as 9 months or as long as 15, 18 or even 21 months depending on your country regulations if you are changing your year end. I worked for a company that had 52-week financial years and a 53-week year every 7 years or so

Stick with QuickBooks, if that’s a show stopper

I like the flexibility of Manager which can cater for all and every sort of periodic reporting

The Start Date has nothing to do with when a financial period begins, @Showtime.

I know people who migrated from QuickBooks to Manager. But those who once gets the experience of Manager, I’m sure, will never go back to QuickBooks.

As @Joe91 said, I would endorse his view. I too like the simplicity and flexibility of Manager which, I’m sure, many will agree, none of Accounting Software could ever match Manager…

Perhaps you could set up your financial periods in the preferences, and then Manager could use those to offer options to select a period according to these?

@GrahamvdR, that seems like an extra step just to do something you can already do. It would be one more thing you had to fiddle with before you could begin using the program. Avoidance of that kind of setup is one of Manager’s design principles.

Perhaps there could be defaults, so you don’t have to fiddle and change them unless you find yourself needing to use periods that don’t match those defaults?

But yes, I do appreciate that Manager is designed to be as clear and simple as possible. It’s part of what makes it such a pleasure to use. I haven’t been using it or doing business accounts long enough to know if this would really be a useful feature or not.

I’ve been using Manager for five years and believe it would be completely unnecessary. When creating a report, you must somehow specify the date range. I’d rather do that in a calendar field as is currently implemented. It would be no savings to have to set financial periods in one place and yet still have to select how many intervals are being displayed in the report (such as this quarter, last year, etc.) Why not just enter the desired dates? One less thing to find and fiddle with under Settings.