Vat Calculation Worksheet is now an obsolete feature

On my test version of Manager, I have upgraded to the latest version and I see that my UK Vat Calculation Worksheet is in settings in obsolete features and as an extension. Which is odd, because I could have sworn that the VAT Calculation Worksheet was a Report Transformation at one point in time!

What is going to happen with my VAT Calculation Worksheet if extensions are now obsolete?

You can delete that entry from Extensions. It doesn’t do anything. VAT Calculation Worksheet is not obsolete feature, it’s just implemented differently.

I can confirm deleting the extension has no effect on my VAT Calculations. Thank you. Perhaps, for other users you could delete that particular extension if they have the new VAT Calculation in place?

Extensions are stored in your business data file. NGSoftware cannot delete those you already have.

It can be done via programming and particularly as that extension no longer does anything. It’s just a simple if else endif condition required. However, I have deleted it, so my problem is solved.