Variables, data binding, table fields

I found about Manager about 2 weeks ago. I’m trying it since, and must say I am pretty addicted to it. But as a programmer, I search, and search, and except numerous times people ask for it, and some workarounds, we never have any kind of “developer guideline”. I know the answer go and learn Liquid, but that aside even if you know it, we are still missing variables, data-binding names, custom field data binding names, tables and table fields, and all other exposed things in one place. Is there somewhere a list, guide, developer section for all of this.
For ex. I need to make an invoice with columns Unit Price, Unit Vat, Total without VAT, Total VAT, Total with VAT. And all that summarized per column at final row before Standard Invoice Sum Part.

Thanks in advance.

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All the variables you can have access to are showed in the default theme.

I think not exactly or not enough. For example a start coding a custom theme, with out needs by law to have Line sum including VAT on each line in items, even if it is one, or multiple with same tax, and I cannot in now way read applicable tax. When there are more than one tax items with different VAT rates it is little easier, not straightforward but I have managed. But that’s no solution at all.
Also I must state in each line VAT %, regardless if it is one line, or multiple Lines with same Tax.
Also I must state on the end no just Total without VAT, and Total VAT per %, But for every VAT% if multiple the total without VAT for each VAT% not just combined as is now.
Now @Tut and @lubos will jump right away and ask for Legal proof. For some I can provide link (in Macedonian) for other not, but we have so called long established business practice, how should VAT Invoice look like, an what elements should it contain, and that practice our UJP (state tax control) demands. Go and make arguments with them, they are always right.

So great product, with very very rigid Output, hidden variables, etc… In my opinion accounting is not just calculus it is also about presenting things. When you have Themes, and leave an option to anybody ho knows programming to dig in, why so many constrains.

I agree with you. Is very rigid with the outputs and in general with the customisations. But I love it so much I’ve been using it for three years and it has improved a lot.

I think if something is legal requirement in some country, it should be an option on invoice to be switched on.

It would be unreasonable for everyone in some country to use custom themes because Manager doesn’t have that option built-in.

Themes are still useful if you want to change the way how things look but I think you shouldn’t need themes if all you want is to meet legal requirements of your country.

So can we break this down?

  • You need to show Tax Code on each line item
  • You need to show Tax Amount on each line item


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Genaraly Yes that is it. Also This is legal requirement also, as I stated in another thread

Nevertheless, in our Macedonian VAT law, and Tax Office requirements and interpretation as I stated above this requirements is a must:

  1. Tax must be stated per line, no matter if it is only one line, no matter if it is 100 lines with same %.
  2. Tax base subtotals must be divided bu Tax % in case of multiple tax. Only VAT % subtotals is not enough.

Any plans for ETC on this, or I should continue to use my custom theme, not elegant solution but I managed to make it work (many many lines of code :). Also I must use 2 forms for now, 1 for single tax invoice, and other for multiple tax, due to data missing in case when only one tax code is in invoice.

I’ve moved that topic into ideas category. There are bunch of ideas to be implemented very soon. This one is not difficult to implement, it’s just I will probably need to figure out how to re-organize growing number of checkboxes at the end of invoice form to make it more manageable.

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Yep, Ideas category is nice, for tracking also. (it shows in uncategorized for me still)

Wouldn’t it be easier to associate this with the country’s tax code - if country A tax code is selected then the invoice format/out put is modified to suit.

I’m also waiting for implementation of any kind of above stated requirements in our country. For now I solved it with 2 diferent forms, 1 when there is 1 Tax on the invoice, 1 where is 2 or more. So I select apropriate form for each invoice. Lots of code, and every change of something is nightmare. Aside from tax code, As I ssay previously, we must

  1. Tax must be stated per line, no matter if it is only one line, no matter if it is 100 lines with same %.
  2. Tax base subtotals must be divided by Tax % in case of multiple tax. Only total VAT % subtotals is not enough.

My multiple tax code is like this

Any news about implementing this. 4 months in this year, and accountant and other stuff that makes invoices find very messy, to use multiple templates to achieve daily needs.

It’s been a while since this was in the ideas to be implemented very soon :slight_smile:
Is there any progress on the feature?