Using the Reconcilation Tab

Is the point of the Reconciliation Tab simply to allow people to add bank or other documents to the reconciliation transactions or is there some other purpose as well other than one mentioned below?

Can I just simply create past Reconciliation Points for the 1st of the Month in order to have a transaction to attach my bank statement to?

My understanding is that it was also to encourage people to reconcile their bank account. However, I last reconciled my bank account two months ago and the reconciliation tab shows as reconciled. So it’s not doing anything to encourage me to reconcile. I had assumed that the program was set or could be set to create a reminder on the tab (like recurring invoices) every month/week. How does the program make me aware that it’s a while since I last reconciled other than being present as a tab?

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The announced purpose was to streamline the reconciliation process, not to provide reminders. The fact is, you never need generate reconciliations at all. For many, simply looking at a balance is sufficient.

streamline the reconciliation process in what way?

The only reference I have is this post - Attachments to bank reconciliation statements which points to enabling users to use attachments and encouraging Reconciliation use as the reasons for this tab. But I don’t see how the tab helps to encourage more frequent Reconciliation which is something I need to do more frequently.

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I took that paragraph as being focused on the difficulty of using the old setup more than encouraging frequent reconciliation. Regardless, whether to even enable the tab is up to the user. But its structure makes it easier to manage and monitor reconciliations if you do.

Yes I suppose it could be interpreted that way as well. I hope however, that there could be some kind of setting implemented like a a recurring notification on the tab to remind users to reconcile their bank accounts. It would be entirely consistent with recurring invoices functionality.

Thank you for clarifying. I will at some point in time create reconciliation points for the 1st of the month for every month past so that I can upload my bank statements to those transactions. Really good idea as I have started downloading the monthly copies of my bank statements but I get busy and forget to do it. The bank reconciliation tab will make this really easy to remember to keep tabs on which months I need to download.