Transaction to show in the reconciliation sheet

Once I generate Reconciliation, the output report shows the Reconciliation sheet without transactions, is any reason why it cannot be captured?

Not sure what you want, The bank reconciliation checks if the balance of a bank statement at a certain time matches with the balance of the business ledger for that bank account. It reconciles when no discrepancies are present with the closing balance of the bank statement (amount of which is show in the view screen) and Manager even goes further and then helps to find mismatches where it does not reconcile.

[Updated] In essence a reconcilation only compares if the balance amount of the bank statement at a particular date is identical to that in the business accounts. So there is no list of transactions that gets compared only the balance.

I would like all transaction for a period to show when Reconciliation Sheet populates
And once amount is typed in, should close off the finish the Reconciliation

That is not how the Reconciliation process works today

I don’t understand why you need this report - what is the purpise of it?

You can get a copy of the bank balances in the Bank and Cash tab. Export it to Excel if you need a report or create a custom report