Receipts and Payments versus Bank Accounts Tab Transaction Date

I am busy adding my bank statements to Manager by creating reconciliation dates that match the closing date of each monthly bank statement going back the last 5 years.

I have just realised that Bank Accounts - Cleared Balance shows transactions by cleared date, whereas Receipts and Payments show transactions by date of entry of payment.

I would like to confirm whether this is supposed to happen as it’s confusing when you are looking at the Receipts and Payments Tab transactions (which I was doing) and the dates of the transactions don’t match the date it shows on my bank statements.

Is is clear that for Reconciliation Purposes I need to be using the Bank Accounts Tab and I should only use the Receipts and Payments Tab to make a payment or receipt or is there some other purpose to the Receipts and Payments Tab that I am missing?

You have it, except reconciliations are now in their own tab.

Yes the actual Reconciliation report is in the reconciliations tab, but to manually reconcile the transactions, one needs to use the Bank Tab to compare transactions against bank account.

Other than making payments/receipts what other use can that tab be put to if one is not using it for reconciling against bank account?

That is where you import bank statements, also.