Show Reconciliation Status as a column in the Cash and Bank Accounts Tab

If you want to see the last time a bank account was reconciled. You need to go into the reconciliation tab. I suggest the last reconciliation date and the status (Green for successful and Red for Unsuccessful Reconciliation) should be shown in the Bank and Cash Accounts Tab as a column.

The Last reconciliation date can be a hyperlink to the reconciliation window. Users who have been granted permission to the reconciliation module and that bank account could just click on that link to the reconciliation window.

Take a look at the illustration in the screenshot below:

In my opinion, this will complement the already amazing Bank and Cash Accounts Tab.

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Hello @Abeiku there may be a little problem here. Currently Manager would check all reconciliations if still valid every time you click the Tab. This is actually fine because something may have changed that mess things up. However, this would seem to make it difficult to set a fixed reconciled date as proposed because it may change.

I didn’t get your last sentence. I can’t remember clearly but the reconciliation status was showing in the bank accounts tab in the past.

I can confirm that, @Abeiku. Reconciliation status was removed from the Bank Accounts tab when the Bank Reconciliations tab was added in October 2019. The reasoning was explained here. What you are suggesting here is basically a complete reversal of the changes implemented back then.

I’m not saying it won’t happen, because we’ve seen such total reversals previously. But I am skeptical you will see it happen.

I understand @Tut. The screenshot below shows the dashboard of an international non-profit organisation with 16 bank accounts. Every Major Project has a Fund account and a Bank account.

As part of treasury management, reconciliations are supposed to be done almost every week. I believe the requested feature would make the dashboard more useful to users with many bank accounts.

You have a pretty good use case here @Abeiku, 16 bank accounts × 4 reconciliations equals 64 per month – which is a lot.

But it looks like it’s technically difficult as other users suggested.

I don’t want to hijack this thread, but I think there’s a compromise here. What if there’s a reconciliations column that holds the total number of reconciliations per account that is also linked to a filtered list of reconciliations? Would that help?

Big projects may have a project accounting assistant who is responsible for maintaining their project bank account(s).

Your suggestion came to mind, however instead of having it in the Bank and Cash Accounts tab, I thought of having that upgrade in the Bank Reconciliation Tab.

It would provide the information in the reconciliation tab in an organized manner.


But I still would want to see the reconciliation status in the Bank and Cash Accounts Tab/Dashboard. Why? because I may not use the Reconciliation tab, I may be playing a supervisor role and may only need to check if reconciliations have been done.

Don’t misunderstand me, @Abeiku. I was not denigrating your idea, but confirming that your memory was correct. Personally, I saw no reason to introduce the Bank Reconciliations tab as a separate tab in the first place. It seems to cater to organizations fixated on paper reporting. I found the old method satisfactory. And, for a lot of businesses, it seems that if Manager’s cleared balance matches a statement (which you can tell by inspection), why produce a report at all? I am in favor of training people to use the program’s capabilities, rather than turning the program into a glorified word processing program to generate paper.

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