Using own pre-printed paper

Hi all. I really want to use my own, pre-printed letterpaper (with my own details pre-printed on the paper).
Is that possible with Manager?
Thank you very much in advance for any help.
Greetings, Jordy

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Yes, it is possible. You will need a custom theme to delete things you do not want and reposition things you do. Read Note: this forum is not the place for help with your theme(s). If you do not have the necessary skills, hire a local programmer familiar with the Liquid templating language referenced in the Guide.

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Hi @Tut sorry for my late response on this topic. I forgot a little about it.
In fact, I know the Liquid tpl. Is there a reference available with all codes used in a document (all objects, variables, etc.)?

The Plain theme uses all variables. There is no list.