Using after using MYOB v 18

Hi, first post.

  1. Can anyone that has used MYOB v18 tell me what if anything, I will miss when starting to use ?

  2. Mainly I am thinking of features. Transaction journal is there? (I use that in MYOB, but it may be the same as General Ledger in

  3. Is Manager/io compatible with most accountants software? (not sure what me accountant uses , or what the average accountant with MYOB uses to check the MYOB file. What type of file would be sent to my accountant?

  4. Is there any other way apart from just the forums to get help ( Like a paid partner for example)

  1. Every business is different, so what you would use in MYOB versus what someone else would use is going to be very different. The best way to answer this question would be to create a dummy business and play with Manager for a day or two and see if you can do similar sort of transactions in Manager as you could in MYOB

  2. I have found that Manager can do everything that I need it to do for my business which is a ltd company. I can do quotes, orders, pay invoices, generate client invoices, reconcile my bank accounts. I have inventory for stock management, I can do my VAT calculations and I am able to record my dividends and Corporation Tax. The only area that Manager is missing is with regards to CRM but for most businesses this will not be a big issue.

  3. I do not know how accountants work, but your choice of software should never be based on what your accountant needs. The software needs to work for you and do what you require. Manager has the ability to create Profit and Loss as well as Balance Sheets and thats really all that an accountant needs.

1.You can get support in the following ways: Guides are your first port of call - very often the question you are looking for has been answered in the guides, secondly the forum is very active - I have never had to wait more than a day or say to have any of my questions answered and for more complicated cases (on a case by case basis), there is email support.

I highly recommend Manager because its so simple to use and it has all the features that are really necessary to manage your accounting for your business (no bloat) and lastly, I really like the modular functionality - only add the features that you need. I also use Manager for my home accounting and its really been fantastic for that.

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Hi Bluebay and welcome to the Manager Forum.

Delacor has given some good advice here.

Before Manager, we were using MYOB V19 (I still have an old file on the computer to refer to old transactions, just in case).

We trialed Manager using one company that has low transaction rates for a single month. I imported customers and supplier records from MYOB and double keyed all orders for the first few months of the FY.

Within that time our book keeper visited and checked out the program. She has been using MYOB for well over a decade (every day). She is rather an expert on it. She loved it, but hated the Cloud version - it was far too slow. The contrast to Manager was stark - at one point we had three people inputting data into the one business file at the same time. There was no lag that we could determine.

She told me to dump MYOB and to move all my business financials over to Manager. Of course it’s a new system, but it’s relatively easy and most things are logical. If you have a problem that you can’t find answered in the guides this forum is full of people who are happy to help point you in the right direction.

I am not a skilled user, but I am really pleased to be using Manager. There’s really not much it can’t do, and development is occurring all the time.

If you are using the Cloud version, you can set your accountant up with limited authority to access the system (eg ‘look, but not touch’) so he or she can investigate transactions and set up reports for himself. My accountant is very happy with what Manager does for him.

Hope you enjoy it.

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