Using Inventory Items section without prices and quantities

I want to use the inventory item function just to display a list of items and hsn code in my sales invoice so that i dont have to type item name in description everytime instead i could just select the item name from the drop down list and automatically get its hsn code too. I dont want to show quantity i have or purchase or sale price. Is it possible to work this way?

Also i have created different sales accounts on the basis of different regions and taxes of sale and i want to select different sales account in every invoice. But whenever i select an item it shows the default “inventory-sales” account. I want to put all my items in different sales account at the time i make sales invoice. My sales various accounts are shown in picture below
Pls help

read the guide Create non-inventory items | Manager

when creating items as per above guide, link them to any sale or purchase account of your choice. this is also explained in the same guide. you cannot have the same item linked to many accounts. you will need to create separate items for separate accounts.

Okay. Thanks a lot