Using back button when editing

When changes are made to a document, and the Back button is hit, all is lost unless the Update button is clicked. A pop up box to Caution that changes have not been saved would be helpful.

Yeah, it’s not just Back button but basically clicking anywhere will simply exit the form without warning. I’m planning to implement some warning if the entry has been edited without saving.


I’m aware this is a very old topic. However, it has just become relevant to me yesterday and I need to revive it.

I have two others that use our PC version of Manager and their experience is basic at the moment.
We noticed that some Purchase Order and Purchase Invoice documents seemed to disappear into the ether even though we had email and hardcopy evidence that they previously existed!

A thorough review of the history revealed the documents never existed.
The only explanation was that the person adding the documents didn’t click the “Create” button before exiting the form.

So, I’d like to request that the user be “warned” and “prompted” to either Create or Cancel the new document action.
Of course, the “Update” of existing documents is also required, to avoid losing that information too.


You are mistaken, @twodogzz. You cannot print, email, or create a PDF unless a transaction has been created. All three of those buttons are on the View screen.

The History file will not show their creation if that action itself and the deletion are undone. In other words, History itself is not beyond hacking, whether intentional or accidental.

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Thanks, that’s very interesting… Not sure what’s happening then.
However, even though my problem could be something else, the form exiting issue is still valid, right?