Add back button next to Update button on configuration screens

Everything else on the GUI is set up so naturally and flows with a person’s intuition. However, when trying to back out of a particular screen without updating, I spent a few seconds trying to find the back button on the menu bar all the way to the left, but it was unnatural and unenjoyable. It would be great if there was a button included right next to update that said “Cancel” so you know that your changes won’t be saved.

I’m posting this in the forum rather than writing an email to the developers because I want to get other users’ opinions on this.


A “Cancel” button is unnecessary. The program interface is uniform throughout. Nothing updates until you click the Update button. Adding a Cancel button would suggest that the changes were being made unless the Cancel button were clicked. That would be confusing.

I am of mixed feelings about this. We are used to Manager and are aware that changes are not saved until you click the update button. Thus a cancel button is actually redundant. However, I can understand where the OP is coming from. Most programs have a save and cancel button so its more about what users expect to see in a program i.e. save and cancel.

Having said that, I have noticed some programs are now doing away with the cancel button and only have a save or update button. I think that this will become the way of the future as the cancel button is kind of redundant as no changes are saved until you click save or update.

So I would agree that it makes no sense to add the cancel button purely for the sake of cosmetic backwards compatibility. People will very quickly realise that changes are not saved until you hit that update button. so I would also recommend that no changes be made, but I acknowledge where the OP is coming from.

Back button is fine where it is and doesnt need cancel button.
If you decide not to update just click on the tab you wish to go to or click back.

I was also wondering if instead of moving the Update button, there could be an additional update button put on top right (the Receipts page is my issue) when editing banking transactions to make it easier than scrolling to the bottom of the page.