Confirmation windows when editing / updating

as manager doesn’t keep a history of changes, for the invoices and other elements
can it please be added an confirmation window when editing ?

because if you hit update by mistake there is no way to restore a change,
like confirmation when deleting something, at least until audit trail is more complete or we have a version history of the documents

by the way Audit Trail doesn’t shows time anymore only the date

I think that this kind of change should be optional,ie settable, since it would slow down the workflow of most of users. By the way you can block changes by setting the lock date.

@Davide i am aware of the lock date, that is not the case sometimes you can hit update by mistake , and i dont think that one dialog that can be confirmed by hiting enter will slow the workflow

I have to disagree with you on this one, @Genti_Ge. You already have the full input screen in front of you for review before clicking Update. Having to look at another display of the same information before updating would be very irritating to many. Suppose you are cloning a receipt for a recurring sales invoice. Currently, you:

  • Click Clone
  • Edit the date
  • Click Update

Adding a review screen would be 33% more work, even if you don’t review it. Now imagine you have similar receipts from 50 customers every week. That would really add up.

Regardless of the process, a user needs to be disciplined enough to review the transaction at some stage during its entry. You have the same potential to make a mistake after being shown a transaction twice as when seeing it once, especially once you are conditioned to ignore the first viewing because you know you must go through the second. In fact, I suspect users would be so irritated by looking at the same thing twice they would be more likely to miss errors by ignoring both.

@Tut you are right about that, problem is when you click edit instead of clone by mistake
insted of create (when you cloning) you hit update and the edit is saved and everything is gone
i didnt ask for a confirmation when cloning because when you clone a document that will generate a new invoce/purchace or whatever and that is no problem
i asked for a confirmation when editing and present document.
The manager ask for confirmation when deleting
is a simple yes and no
i think it will not affect the workflow if it is added the same when edditing
do you want to edit this invoice ?
** yes no**

Because we have to admit that Edit and Delete have the same output they delete a record the only difference is that when editing you replace the deleted one with a new one, but nonetheless a record is deleted with no way to recover it

I still disagree, @Genti_Ge. Clicking Update is equivalent to answering your question, “Do you want to edit this invoice?” The transaction does not delete a record. The record remains. It’s reference number is not incremented. Only the things you have deliberately edited change. But Delete is different. All record of the transaction is gone. If the transaction type is auto-numbered, the number will be reused by the program as long as a higher one has not already been created. All things considered, deleting is a much bigger thing and deserves the warning. Editing does not automatically overwrite the database; you already have the opportunity to back away by simply not clicking the button.

@Tut we have different points of view in the matter
i embrace the expression: Better safe than sorry
and you the one that says: keep your eyes open and get on with it

the lack of detailed audit trail (to find the edited document and confront with a backup) and/or the document history made me request such a feature, as an mistake in editing is irreversible and it affect customer/supplier and inventory balance and we both agree that “human error” is always present

may be this is not a must have but will be a nice addition, but whatever @lubos decide i will be ok with it, and i know that you @Tut have the best interest in mind not just the software but for the users too and also much more experience
so I leave it in your capable hands to do the best

Let’s hope for a complete audit trial.

Confirmation alerts don’t work.

After a while you will develop muscle memory and will click Yes, Confirm, OK etc. without even thinking.

The better solution is audit trail which will allow you to see “history” of the transaction and being able to revert.

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