User's limitations


  1. is it possible to limit users’ permissions to be able edit only what was created by them, not what was created by others. It means, every limited user can edit what he/she earlier created.
  2. Meanwhile it would be great to see who did what. When, for example, observing sales quotes, I (administrator) want to see who created a certain sales quotation or any other documents. is it possible?
  1. This is not currently possible.
  2. Upcoming new version of audit trail will show history for each object. So this is coming soon.

That’s great news, meaning point 2. This will solve my problem of salespersons stealing other peoples’ sales. But, I have a couple of questions

  • is there still going to be the 1000 entries restriction on the audit trial?
  • will we be able to export and search audit trial?

New audit trail will have no size restrictions. Searching and exporting audit trail will be possible too.


@lubos would it be possible to extend the audit trail to desktop edition? it would be more like an activity log since desktop edition is meant for single user. but it would help many users find and get to the actual step where they screwed up their accounts.
few target users would be,

  1. a small retail shop with a single computer accessed by multiple staff for billing or stock checking.
  2. old people managing their personal finances having trouble remembering what they did few hours back.

Yes, new audit trail will be available in desktop edition too.

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@lubos i dont want to push i know that you are busy and trying your best but is possible to know approximately when this feature will become available ?