Audit trail for full access users

Is it possible for full access users to the business to see the audit trail for that particular business?

Currently, it’s the admin only who can view the audit trail. It would be great if users with full access can also view the audit trail for the business they have full access to. Please advise.

Currently, audit trail is kept at the system level but I came to conclusion that it should be moved to business level. This is so when you backup a business and restore it on another computer, your audit trail is not lost.

So currently what you are asking is not possible but eventually it will be. I don’t consider audit trail to be complete implementation yet because it’s missing important information such as “what exactly was changed” by user.


Great to hear all that @lubos . I think that audit trial should also be exportable in Excel and querable under custom reports.

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It would also be great if the audit trail showed a longer history of entries / changes.