Users creations in a trial cloud edition

Hullo, team, I have been trying to convince a client to pay for the cloud edition but I can only create one user under the trial version… will I be able to create more users if I pay subscription or its a bug?

@GUMISIRIZA_STEPHEN, there is no limit on the number of users in either the trial or regular versions. The software is identical. If you are experiencing any obstacle to creating additional users, please post screen shots showing how you are being blocked.

@Tut , thanks so much. kindly check the screen shot attached and advise

i can only create users as admins

User Simon is not an admin. You should log in as Administrator and then create the users. In Settings you set the permissions of each user. Read this Guide.

thanks mark and took, u have helped me
discovered the issue. it seems the username by default has to start with lower case

No, that is not true. All my user names begin with capital letters. And, in fact, the program allowed you to create Simon with an initial capital letter. Your problem was entirely due to your attempt to have a restricted user create new users when the user (Simon) had no permission to do anything, just as @Mark pointed out.

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