User access control to print

Can manager include user access control to PRINT command on invoices and receipts?

Not sure what you try to achieve. If the user can access the view screen on invoices and receipts they can also use the PRINT button. You can restrict aces to invoices and receipts but once they are allowed access the minimum is to the view screen which shows a series of buttons, one of which is the PRINT one.

My aim is to control REPRINTING of sales invoices, qoutes, orders, receipts amd payments. If the developer can include CREATE AND PRINT to CREATE button without having to view.

There are several issues that your new suggestion (not having a view screen) will pose:

  1. The PRINT option will first require the browser to generate a view screen even if it would be possible one way or another to hide that but browser would otherwise print the edit screen which shows a lot of unnecessary information and is not in a presentable format.

  2. The Preview may actually prevent unnecessary additional printing because it is easier to detect a possible entry mistake when seeing the invoices, quotes, payments, etc before deciding to print them or print them to PDF for sending.

Some business operations can not be managed by any software and are part of so called Standard Operating Procedures that need to be communicated to those that implement them. If wasting print paper is a concern then this can be better solved with a meeting with those involved.

I understand your points, but this will only apply to restricted users after the intial setup. This will stop restricted users from reprinting sales invoices, qoutes, orders, receipts and payments form and not for paper waste but to prevent fraud.

@ENI, your suggestion would be ineffective. Anyone who can see a transaction onscreen could use a screen capture tool to acquire an image and print it outside the program. These days, trying to prevent reproduction of physical images is pointless.

This picture represent my suggestion

No chance of this imho, but …

@ENI, you are back to the same problem. You don’t want someone to be able to print another copy of a transaction. But you would allow them to print a copy without viewing it. At that point, they can just make a copy. All three of your options would allow someone to see or navigate to an image of the transaction. One way or another, if they want to obtain a copy, they will be able to.

User permission should be able to handle the navigation

User permission

You are missing the point. If you can view a transaction, you can duplicate an image by capturing a screen image. If you can print a transaction, you can obviously duplicate the image. I cannot conceive of the developer incorporating an option in which a user could create a transaction without viewing the result.

You said the purpose of your suggestion was to “stop restricted users from reprinting” transactions. That is a hopeless quest. You will do nothing to prevent fraud. If you believe otherwise, please explain how your suggestion would accomplish that.

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