User role has no options of permitted actions

We are trying to set up user management following the guide, which demonstrates that we could set sophisticated permitted actions to each user. But in my business settings there is no such option but only administrator or restricted users. Could you help?

We are moving our business book from desktop offline version to online cloud hosting, and this is the main function that we expected. Please help us, thanks.

The Guide is new and describes operations already implemented for the desktop edition (which has user settings even though users cannot be employed in that environment). The server/cloud editions have not yet been updated to match, but will be soon. This is a case where documentation got ahead of implementation.

The capabilities are there, though, just not quite so elegant. You have to navigate your way through a tree for each user.

Thanks for prompt sharing. BTW, do you have any idea about the release date of this function to get online? Actually, the reason we move our system onto your cloud/server version is that we would like to use it in a collaboration environment. Thanks.

No idea. I’m one of the forum moderators, not a developer.

in Desktop version User option is not working

Desktop edition is single user. You can define users in case you transfer to server or cloud. But you can’t use the feature.