User permissions within individual tabs

I have a question about the security of this program. (I am not sure if security is the right word to describe it) İmagine that I am the boss of a company. I have a partner and two employees. I want them to use the program, and have access to it, bur not to everything, only the tabs that they are going to fill in. For example: An employee may only see the expenses that he or she has filled in the program and not the other expenses from other employees or the partner. Is there a possibility to do this? and if there is, how can I install it?

Have you read the Guide at ?

Following the instructions, you can limit the tabs the employee has access to and what they can do. I am not sure, though, whether you can give access to Expense Claims while limiting access to only those the employee submitted.

Yes, I have read it. You are right I cant limit the access to only those the employee filled in. Do you know if they are going to implement something, so that I can limit the access for the employees?

I know nothing about development plans except what @lubos posts in this forum. He has mentioned:

  • Pending changes to bank accounts, especially reconciliation procedures
  • Further improvements to the Disbursements tab
  • Increased flexibility for all printed transactions and reports via universal access to templates

Being able to go further and set permissions within tabs is on the radar but it will take 2-3 months before any progress is made there.

I’m planning to resolve this particular use case through “employee portal”. What it means is that rather than creating an employee as user and setting up permissions, you will be able to allow each employee under Employees tab simply able to access Manager from their point of view. They will be able to see their past payslips or to submit new expense claims etc. But don’t expect this earlier than in May.

Thanks @lubos but that is a very long time. Is there a chance that it could be done earlier than May ?

Hey @lubos, is there any progress ?

@lubos is this implemented ? I need to give access to purchase invoices while limiting the access to only those the employee submitted.

No progress yet. But don’t worry, I will implement ownership concept for records which will make staff to access their records only. Ask again in about 4 weeks, I think I will be able to give you timeline when this will be added by then.

Hey @lubos, you asked me to remind you about the user permissions. Are you working on it?

Is there any progress yet? @lubos

Remainder: any update on the user permissions?