User Permission for Sale Team

My Client does not want their sale team to know purchase price and cost of inventory. however they want them to access the inventory on hand for order taking purpose.

The current problem is when sale teams are allowed for inventory tab to check inventory level, they can also access to purchase price and inventory cost.

can someone advice to solve the problem

You could always block their access to the Inventory Items tab and instead use the Reports > Inventory Quantity Movement report to see the current inventory on hand balance. This does mean setting up the report’s “To” date as “Today” so it’s always current.

This in itself has other issues, as other reports can also be seen.

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Another alternative is to delete Purchase price from all inventory items. Then, only the Sales price will show in the Inventory Items tab.

That may seem like a drastic measure, but it might not be as inconvenient as you think. Purchase prices are only a shortcut for entering unit prices on frequently purchased items. They must always be edited to match supplier prices when entering purchase invoices anyway. Some businesses don’t bother with them at all, because prices fluctuate rapidly between purchases. Inventory cost is based on actual purchased price, not the predefined price for the inventory item.