Inventory Purchase Cost Hide for users

I need to hide the Inventory purchase price in user tab. i am not the only one who uses the system. I need to hide the inventory purchase price to employees. This is confidential

Then restrict their access to the Inventory Items tab and/or the Purchase Invoices tab. You cannot restrict access to a single field if the user has access to a tab. Read

I knew all of those. My concern is the inventory item tab. Is there na option to hide the purchase price for the user? Because that inventory tab is sharing with the administrative and user, in our business set up, there is sales associate that will handle inventory so he will know the status of the inventory but the purchase price is confidential for him.

There is no such option. You cannot restrict visibility of specific fields. However, including the purchase price in inventory item definitions is entirely optional. It serves only as a shortcut when purchasing new inventory by prefilling the form. You could delete all your purchase prices and only enter them when you actually are buying something. In fact, some users do not use that field at all, because prices change from purchase to purchase or from supplier to supplier.