User Permission enhancement for Special Accounts

@lubos, I have a challenge. I have set up a cloud edition for a client who runs a travel and tour business. He has agents who buy and resell his service application forms to potential clients. These agents then get a commission upon successful enrolment and payment for a package by these potential clients.

The challenge is, he wants the agents to have user accounts to access his manager cloud edition(which I have done) and then have limited permission to only view their commission gained so far.

So I created special accounts for these agents(10 in number) and linked it to a liability control account called Agents’ Commission. So individual commissions were posted to their respective special accounts. But when I set the user permission for the agents to only view special accounts, they see all the other special account holders with their respective commissions gained - which I understand is the way the system is built.

However, is it possible to have user permission setting where an agent/user can have access to and see only his/her special account and view its content. I have attached pictures to illustrate further.

User permission set to view only for control account:

The agent’s account, that shows all the other agent’s commission:

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I agree with your proposal.
First of all I think that the view of the special account should be divided in two levels. The first level should show only the accounts (special accounts). Each one should have is permission rules. Clicking each accounts will show the sub accounts. This also to avoid to sum apples with oranges.
Secondly it would be great to have possibility to set different custom fields for each account (special account).
This two implementations will be a huge step towards a sort of custom module system.

Is there a workaround this @Tut and @lubos kindly help with information(if possible).

Still no workaround on this, SERIOUSLY can anyone tell me there’s nothing that can be DONE here to solve this challenge.

The permissions structure does not go that deep.

It strikes me as unadvisable to give outside agents access to any level of a company’s accounting records. I would create a separate monthly statement for the agents, if anything, entirely outside Manager. I also find it hard to believe an outside sales agent needs access to a company’s books to determine how much commission has been earned. My experience is that such people closely track this on their own. If the payments don’t match, the company would hear about it immediately.

Ok then, I hope it could to allow different levels of permission.

I thought of that too, I think I will need to advise him on a better approach to arrive at the same results.

Drill down on each special account balance and export the transactions to a spreadsheet. Format to taste. Done.

Ok, thanks.