User option does not work on desktop edition

i try for using user feature in desktop edition but it cant work.
user is created with password. access option also availabel there.
but at the time of opening it not ask user name and password

The User feature only functions with the Cloud & Server versions, not the Desktop version.

but its shows in desktop edition from last update 17.4.23

Confirmed - I see it too. This must be a bug. User Option is not supposed to be available in the desktop version as that is supposed to be single use only. It will probably be removed in the next bug fix.

I’ll elevate this as a bug. Meanwhile, it is harmless, since the desktop edition has no login procedure.

It turns out this isn’t a bug after all. While the users feature isn’t functional in the desktop edition, all data (except language preference) is now stored within the data file. So to allow migration from one edition to another or to transfer data between machines, user data must be there.

Another use was discussed in another topic: