User access - restricting export option

Is it possible to restrict a user from exporting data? I am using server edition. Thanks.

Exporting what? Are you talking about Export button in bottom-right corner? If so, restricting makes no sense to me. User can already see data. Exporting just allows them to see them in different formatting.

I don’t want the restricted user to export data in a format (pdf, txt, excel) where it can be sent anywhere by email or saved in USB.

There is no point in restricting permission. Any user who can see the screen could also capture data with a screen shot and do the same thing.

Capturing data with a screenshot and having a data (say thousand pages of sales data) ready in a format where analysis can be performed is very different. If this doesn’t make sense to both of you, fine.

Even without Export button, user can simply copy & paste any table to spreadsheet program. Hiding Export button won’t prevent user from “exporting”.

Got it. Thanks