Used the new feature of resetting folder and lost data

Hello everyone,
Today I noticed that on the bottom left there was a notice to change the folder, which I did and I lost all data since April 2nd. Is there anything I can do to go back to the date… I am afraid to reset it because I don’t know what it will do. Please help

You need to go to the original location on your computer and move the Manager files to the new location that you have allocated for manager. All you have done is updated where Manager saves the files. It probably has not moved the database files from the original location.

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thank you

You did not lose any data. You need to read the guide about changing the location of your application data folder.

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Where did it say you had to change the folder?

On the bottom left of my screen when I opened the application before I got into my business
Screen Shot 688

It asked me to “Change Folder” which allows you to change where you store the data (which is good) but you have to make sure you have backed-up everything first because it will store the last back-up you did

I believe this is the guide @Tut was referring to Move desktop application data to another folder | Manager I recommend reading it

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Of course, reading it is easier than living it… :laughing:

In fact it didn’t ask you to do that. This new option just gives you the possibility to change the folder, as you already found out.