Business gone after changing folder name


I changed the name of the folder Manager was installed in (it’s a dropbox folder, hoping to share Manager over several computers).

After changing the folder name and opening manager, my business was not there. Any idea how to fix this?
(Manager may have been open at the time of the name change, since there is a folder with the old name containing some Manager files).


Did you change where Manager is installed, or did you change the Application Data path under About Manager? Manager should not be in DropBox. It should be on the machine you are running it on. The data can be on DropBox.

Regardless, it sounds like Manager is still looking for the accounting data at the old location.

Manager requires certain data files to remain located in the original folder location - users/(user name)/appdata/local - for it to function - so expect this folder to remain

For Manager to see the new business data file location, change the application path under About Manager as mentioned above

Special Note: all computers should be roughly on the same edition of Manager as the business data files wont be backward compatible if the editions are to far out of sync.

Just to be extra clear, @Bas, “too far out of sync” can be one version, and sometimes new versions come several per day. And there is no announcement of when a new version modifies the data structure. So basically, if you have multiple machines touching the data file at all, you need a method to be absolutely certain none is ever out of date on software updates. Managing this situation for one person is risky enough. Involving more than one user is a potential disaster, since files can be corrupted and become useless. If you’re really going to have multiple users, you need the server or cloud editions.